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We assist in getting passport.Deccan Travel Corporation is a well renowned name for the travel industry in Nashik, India.


Formalities for obtaining an Indian Passport

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik Ration Card: First and the last page of your current Ration card which shows the same address that     would be written in your passport application as "present address".

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  Please note that the ration card must be duly signed by the head of the family. (The person whose     name is first in the ration card ).

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  The ration card should be more than 1 year old. If not some other proof of one year residence is     required like Bank passbook with photo and 1 yr statement, Elections card/ driving license /Adhar Card     Gas connection / NMC water bill/ Gharpatti, Birth certificate for children born after 1996 of Applicant's     Name.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  If the applicant has not continuously stayed at the present address for the last one year then please     produce present as well as previous address proof.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  Original School/College Leaving Certificate or Birth Certificate (Issued by Municipal Authority.     Document mentioning Birth Date and Birth Place) If this is not available then original S.S.C passing      certificate with nationality and Domicile Certificate.


For E.C.N.R

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  Degree Holders to provide Degree Certificate and final year mark list.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  Diploma Holders to provide Diploma Certificate and final year mark list with HSC Certificate.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  Married women to provide Marriage Certificate.If the first name is changed after marriage then please procure a Deed Poll Affidavit on     Rs.100/- Stamp Paper. If the marriage certificate is not available then the Marriage Photographs and Joint Marriage Affidavit to be produced.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  In case of minors (Under 15 years) who wants to make a fresh passport, they have to submit the birth certificate along with parents     passports. (Two sets of Xerox copies of the first three & last two pages of the parents' passport with valid visa page duly signed by them).     The minors name should be on the ration card if not a covering letter from the parents is to be produced. A minor's affidavit has also to be     submitted on Rs. 100/- Stamp paper

        If one of the parents does not have a passport, the parent has to apply for the passport and then submit the receipt of the submission with     the minor's submission.

        If any one of the parents is abroad then please produce Xerox copies of Parents passport and a minor child Affidavit attested by an Indian     Embassy.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  Passport Holders whose date of passport has expired have to submit the Expired passport along with all the documents except proof     of birth. Passport holders can apply for a fresh passport six (6) months before expiry of the passport.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  In case of lost passport, the documents required are as per the requirementsfor the fresh passport and First Information report F.I.R)     from the police station where the passport was lost along with a Lost Passport Affidavit.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  In case of miscellaneous services such as a) additional booklet b) Change of address c) PCC d) ECNR - Six passport size photographs     required along with relevant documents.



  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  If you are working in any Semi Govt., Nationalized Bank, Govt. Assisted organization, School, College, University etc. then please get a No     Objection Certificate from the head of the department/Institutions.

  • deccan-travels-corporations-passport-bullets-nashik  The police inquiry is conducted by the local police after they receive due information from the Passport office and is at there discretion. You     may visit at your local police station.


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" Deccan Travel Corporation is a leading tours & travel agency at Nashik, India. DTC provides inbound & outbound travel packages, hotel bookings, Trekking, Air ticketing & passport visa services at Nashik."



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