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Nashik is situated in between the Sahayadri mountain ranges. It’s like a bowl surrounded by high mountain walls. The area of Nasik was mentioned in great epic Ramayana as ‘Dandakaranaya’ (Dandak Forest), where Ravana the villain of Ramayana abducted Sita, Wife of Lord Rama. There are two streams about how the name ‘Nasik or Nashik’ came in existence.


Laxmana, brother of Lord Rama cut the nose of Shurpankha, sister of Ravana in Nasik. In Sanskrit Nasika means nose, so the name came up as Nasik. The second stream says that, Nasik is situated on the nine small mud hills made by river Godavari (Ganga of South), in local language nau means nine and shikh ( Shikhar) means top of the hill, so people started calling it ( Nau+Shik=Nasik).


Nasik is one of the most holy cities for Hindu’s, with other 4 cities the great Kumbh Mela happens after each 12 years in Nasik. Trymbakeshwar is an adjoining town of Nasik where river Godavari originates and it’s famous for its temple and Kumbh Mela.


In the period of Mughal Empire, its name was ‘Gulshanabad’ means city of roses or flowers. Nasik saw many rulers coming and going, Mauryans, Satavana, Kings of Devgiri (Daulatabad), Nizamshahi, Kings of Bijapur (Adalishah), Bagul Kings, Mughal and Marathas ruled this area and after that British established it as a cool weather station on the plains. Nasik range is having 38 numbers of main Mountain forts and many small guarding stations on mountains (small forts). Each fort tells us a different story of Glory and bravery. It is having few tough pinnacles, waiting for the courageous rock climbers.


Now a day Nasik is third largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. It is surrounded by many industrial areas and big organizations like Mahindra & Mahindra (Indian Manufacturer of jeep), Bosch Limited and others. Nasik is India’s Wine capital and famous for its vineyards. Wine made in Nasik is quite famous and export of wine and grapes is high.


Nasik is having its small airport which is well connected to Mumbai by domestic air lines. Nasik is also
well connected to Mumbai with a National Highway and with Indian Railways.


Places to visit in Nasik:

  1. Kalaram Temple
  2. Surya Narayan Temple
  3. Naroshankar Temple
  4. Ram Kunda
  5. Temple of Trymbakeshwar
  6. Gondeshwar Temple, Sinnar
  7. Gargoti Museum (museum of precious stones), Sinnar
  8. Pandav Caves
  9. Muktidham, Nasik Road
 10. Saptshringi Gad, Wani
 11. Kalsubai ( Highest Peak in Maharashtra)

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