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'Deccan Travel Corporation’ the name derived from the largest platue of India ‘Deccan’, which consists of eight major states in India covering central, western, eastern and southern part of it.


Deccan platue is made of basalt rock with hundreds of feet deep valleys and sky touching mountains with big rivers and dark deep jungles. Deccan Platue had played a major role in the history of India. Its original name is ‘Dakkhin’ means South in Sanskrit, British started calling it as Deccan.


Deccan saw many of the wars and great kingdoms, the great Mouryan’s, Shilahar, Chalukya Kings, Yadavs, Bahamani Sultans, Vijaynagar kingdom and Maratha power originated from Deccan and made an impact on Indian History. Last Mughal king Aureangzeb attacked Deccan and was fighting for more than 20 years for a great victory, and at last died in Maharashtra with an unfulfilled dream. His death marked the end of the great Mughal Empire and slowly his empire along with capital Delhi went under Maratha power form Deccan. British had to fight hard to win Delhi from Marathas to claim the capital of India.


Deccan platue is full of great monuments, old buildings, caves, old civilizations, cultures, forests and forts which provide a great opportunity to the tourists and trekkers to explore new areas and start for a new voyage.


Deccan Travel Corporation well-come to all the travelers and trekkers to discover this ancient and unexplored land.

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